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Ramzey Staples

Seattle, WA

Email: RZ@ProjectRZ.com


Custom Screen Printing: Constantine Shop

Born and raised in the south end of Seattle. Professional golf instructor at Riverbend Golf Complex & Jefferson Park Golf Course & Jackson Park Golf Course. I am the media manager for a Seattle based promotional company that focuses on club and private parties. I have 2 years experience in sales and customer service, 2 years intern at a video production company, 2 years intern as an assistant in a non-profit organization, and 2 years sound engineering working for a recording studio. I also worked for a printing broker and print center as a graphic designer and also a printer/binder for 2 years. I know own and operate of Screen Printing and Streetwear Boutique in Kent, WA. Started producing beats in November of 2010, and have been songwriting since 2006. Released 9 mixtapes, and have made hundreds of songs. I am a jazz musician, with alto/tenor saxophone skills, I’ve also been on a drum set for 2 years, and can make my way around the piano enough to lay down a chord. My biggest passion at the moment is visual art. A freelance photographer and video producer, both started as a hobby but now I aim to create a serious move with my audio and visual expressions. Strengths are in my composition, Photoshop ability, and graphic effects with Adobe After Effects. I’m also familiar with Reason, Cubase, Pro Tools, Premiere, Final Cut, FL Studio, Illustrator, InDesign, Various Adobe Acrobat Plug-ins, Multiple POS systems, Large format printers, and Dreamweaver.

3 thoughts on “About Me / Contact

  1. Hello Ramzey:

    Thanks again for taking the pictures for my moms birthday. You always pull through for us. Send me the link for the pictures and I’ll make sure that it gets distributed. Raymond

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