The Landing Tour [Alienware]

Last night my friend Julius and I got to head out to an awesome party thrown by the Alienware crew. It was at the Georgetown Ballroom, sweet location that mostly does catering and private parties. Definitely check it out if you’re looking to host some shindig in the near future. Two huge rooms, a private upstairs, and a great enclosed outdoor patio. We walked in the door, gave our names, passed the coat check and examined our surroundings. TV stations setup all along the walls, a high-rise DJ setup, lights, two visible bars, couches, and alienware logos everywhere. At first I saw what I thought were Xbox One’s hooked up to the TV’s, but get closer and we realized those weren’t Xbones at all, but the new x51 gaming PC alienware is touring to share. These things look sweet and the graphics match. They also start at a decent price, which I believe was around $600. Next thing, OPEN BAR. We had no idea what we were walking into. One of us was incredibly wasted by the end of the night, I had to stop quite early just so I could drive home, and the other was fairly tipsy and couldn’t get any kills on COD that night. Free booze, free food, gear, and a good host made this empty venue pretty fun. If I had any idea the caliber of event that was taking place that night – I would’ve (and I speak for many who attended) brought everyone I knew! It was a great time and all the thousand people who should’ve been there, you all missed out. The Ghosts tournament was among just some amateur players, two of my friends who came with me could’ve wiped the floor with them. The food was good, the DJ great, the host hilarious, and overall it was an awesome atmosphere. I will definitely keep my eye out for more of these poorly advertised events. Alienware dropped the ball on marketing this one.